Four basic functions of motorcycle tire

Four basic functions of motorcycle tire


1. Support the weight and load of the car body:

support the weight of the car body, personnel, luggage, etc., mainly using the air volume and pressure in the tire to support the weight and load of the car body, so it is very important to maintain appropriate air pressure.

2 transmission of driving force and braking force:

in order to make the car move forward or stop, it is necessary to transmit the power of engine and brake to the road surface. This is mainly through the friction force of tire rubber. When the limit of tire exceeds the limit of rapid starting or emergency braking, it is easy to cause idling and skidding of the car, which is very dangerous.

3 Change and maintain the direction of the car:

under the control of the knight, the car turns or keeps straight ahead in the desired direction. This function is mainly implemented through the friction and elasticity of the tire rubber and the firmness of the tire structure. Once the turning speed exceeds the limit of the tire, it will be impossible to move in the desired direction, which is very dangerous. Therefore, please pay attention to riding Car speed.

4. Ease the impact from the road:

This is the so-called “driving comfort” performance, which can alleviate bumps caused by bumpy road surface. This function is mainly through the air volume and pressure in the tire, the elasticity of the rubber and the elasticity of the tire structure. Therefore, the tire pressure can not be too high or too low. Please maintain it at a proper tire pressure.

Post time: Oct-21-2020