Motorcycle tires are the most overlooked part

Motorcycle tires are the most neglected parts, which directly affect the handling performance, driving comfort, driving quality and safety performance of the entire vehicle.

The structure of tires There are two basic structures of tires: bias tires and radial tires. According to common safety knowledge, most cruising motorcycles use diagonal structure tires, while most sports motorcycles use radial structure tires; spoke wheel tires require inner tubes, while cast hub wheel tires do not need inner tubes; Structural tires have a rounder profile and higher sidewalls; while radial tires have a flatter profile and shorter sidewalls. The carcass ply under the crown of the bias line tire is made up of multiple layers of nylon and rayon. The different plies of the tire are stretched at opposite angles to form an X shape-the reason for the name of the bias line structure tire.

Some tires will add a layer of belt on top of the ply, which will run in the direction of tire rolling.

When the tire is rolling, a small part of the tire that is in contact with the ground will flatten in an instant, and then bounce back to its original state. This is called the running surface-it repeats flattening and then bounces back during the tire driving process. The change back to the original state, and the heat generated by this continuous flexural deformation of the tire is very beneficial to the grip performance of the tire, but if excessive deflection and deformation generate too much heat, it will reduce the grip performance of the tire. And accelerate tire damage.

The direction of the ply of the radial tire is perpendicular to the rolling direction of the tire, which is beneficial to reduce the heat generated by the tire deflection, so that the temperature of the tire is lower during operation; because the sidewall of the radial tire is more prone to deflection and deformation, the tire profile is shorter.

The low profile structure of radial tires means that it can carry more loads and is more suitable for cruise motorcycles that need to load heavier passengers or luggage; bias tires can better meet the needs of cruise motorcycle suspension and turning performance. In view of this, you must confirm whether it is suitable for your motorcycle before buying motorcycle tires.

For bias tires and radial tires, the crown pattern groove design varies according to the potential use of the tire. The groove design on the tire crown is mainly used to drain water from the tire running surface. The more grooves in the crown pattern, the better the drainage performance of the tire. Usually cruising vehicles and touring vehicles need to drive in rain water frequently, so their tires need to have higher drainage performance; while sports motorcycles are not designed to function in the rain, so the fewer grooves on the tire crown pattern, The more rubber the tire contacts with the ground, the greater the traction of the tire when driving on dry ground.

Post time: May-28-2021