Ruiyi tire is duty bound to fight against the epidemic situation

In 2020, a novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak swept across the country. In the fight against the epidemic, Ruiyi tire, as a leading brand in the industry, has been actively practicing its social responsibility. Through such practical actions as actively resuming production, assisting partners and stores to return to work safely, and carrying out online epidemic prevention training, Ruiyi tire has expressed its determination to overcome the difficulties and confidence in overcoming the epidemic situation with the people of the whole country.


Comprehensive protection of the factory staff to return to work

In the special period, the smooth resumption of production is the ballast stone to stabilize the social and economic development. Ruiyi tire has taken the initiative to take the social responsibility. Under the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, Ruiyi tire has played a leading role in the industry and actively resumed work and production. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been set up at the first time, leading the group to formulate a new 24 hour prevention plan for the new crown pneumonia, and take specific measures such as temperature measurement and commuting, management of dining in the dining hall, disinfection of public areas and dormitories, etc., so as to provide employees with a safe working environment and make a two correct response to the epidemic.


Taking customers as the center, store service is more secure

Ruiyi tire stores also responded positively and strictly implemented the epidemic prevention measures, and the epidemic prevention work met the local government's resumption standards. In addition to the basic epidemic prevention work such as temperature detection and work area disinfection, the stores with conditions also carry out service upgrading, providing in car disinfection service and epidemic prevention materials for customers arriving at the store, providing door-to-door service and door-to-door pick-up and delivery services for customers who are inconvenient to the store.


Continuous transmission of protective measures to help epidemic prevention

 In the face of the epidemic situation, Ruiyi tire adheres to the brand spirit of "going forward and never stopping", actively undertakes social responsibility, shares the same boat with the people of the whole country, and actively contributes to the fight against the epidemic. Ruiyi tire will continue to pay close attention to the progress of prevention and control work, continue to contribute to the anti epidemic work, and firmly believe that the epidemic will be defeated in the end!

Post time: Oct-19-2020